Hello, I’m Coinmandeer. 

Web3 UX/UI Designer

I’m fluid in the DeFi ecosystem & cryptocurrencies, always ready to participate in hackathons, build something new or just ape around.

Web3 User Experience & User Interface Design is my main expertise, but also happy to help with Branding, Print and Concept.

In free time I’m exploring worlds of Generative visuals & AI image synthesis  

15+ years of design experience, in crypto since 2017, based in Europe and used to work remote.

Feel free to contact me about any crypto related work, ideas, alpha or just to say gm :-)



Degenscore / Twitter / Lenster / Degen discord POAP / Snapshot Gitcoin / Aavegotchi / Philand / OpenSea ETHRank / Trippl-Krippl / Gwei.cz / ENS


Crypto indices investment and educational platform  


Czech republic Ethereum community web, contact list, library & basic identity


Cryptocurrency informations at one place (Czech exchange rates / ATM Maps / DeFi tutorials)


Alchemica spending competition and earning history for all Aavegotchi players

Hackathon #1 - Ruuun!

App for challenging fellow sport enthuaists around

Hackathon #2 - Myrror

App for asking / answering your questions by wide community

Habit tracker

Set your goals (Veganism, Non-smoking, Custom) and track them

P2P Exchange App

Need to change Crypto to Fiat, or otherway? Just ask your friend circle, if they are able to accept your offer

Salesassin / Fulfillment / Sushi restaurant

Online Deal & Voucher finder / Online fulfillment dashboard / Cool sushi place


Andel caffee

Local multi-genre club / restaurant / bistro / caffee

Ptýrov Farm

Nice place for training your horses, getting married, stay in nature or compete in horse stuff

Caffé Hardy Stores

Local resseler of famous italian coffee brand


ETH Brno 2021

Cryptocurrency conference focused on Ethereum & DeFi at Brno (CZ)

Winston Wolfe

Various logos


Abstract #1

Abstract #2

Shirts (Visualcohol)

Flower Power

Roxy club – Monthly schedules

Event Flyers #1

Event Flyers #2

Society definitions



Trippl-Krippl VJs
Live-visuals VJ group (visual jockey) performing mainly in clubs / festivals on electronic music (founded in 2008)

Installations / Space Invaders

Architectural geometry